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Affordable Web Design for Personal Trainers and Personal Training Studios

How Can You Make This So Affordable? What’s the Catch?

Common Website Pricing

No catch. Here’s the no BS version for why I’m doing what I’m doing and why I’m making it so affordable.

I’ve been doing web development on various levels since 2008. I’ve created websites from scratch, I’ve tried various website builders, and I’ve used content management systems like Joomla and WordPress.

WordPress has a massive community, more support, better plugins and is continually improving compared to other CMS’s; therefore, I continued to strictly build WordPress websites.

I’ve gotten pretty good at building WordPress sites and since configuring them and getting them up and running is something I’m efficient at, I wanted to make this a competitive advantage. So I’m passing the savings on to you (yes that’s a real quote charging $2000 for setting up WordPress).

Another reason why my budget web design services (basic and value pack) are so affordable is because you will create the content. This is a fairly involved task. Because you’re taking the time to do that and provide content, you save money, it’s that simple.

The Web Development Process

The process generally takes about 4 weeks to complete.

Week 1: Discovery. We discuss your education, training, skills and abilities. We discuss how we’re going to position you so the website we build you conveys the most value to new prospects. In week 1 we decide what pages are required and we come up with a content plan. During week one I am setting up your domain, SSL hosting and doing all the prep work.

Week 2: Design. Week two is design week. This is where I create your look, layout and feel for all the pages we’ve decide to create you. I put in dummy or filler text in places where your content will inevitably be inserted.

Week 3: Content insertion. Here’s where I insert your written content and format it appropriately. I will proof read and make changes where appropriate – a second set of eyes is always handy. I may also come back and ask you to give me more information on certain topics if I think expanding in a certain area will help improve conversions.

Week 4: Content Finalization and Website Optimization. Once we’ve finalized content, I go through the entire website and do my last round of optimization. This includes image optimization, file minification, caching resources, and optimizing for mobile. All this basically means I’m making your site load faster – which helps keep people on your website while at the same time helping you rank better in Google.



What are your payment terms?

50% up front, 50% on delivery of final website.

Do I have to use your website hosting?

No, absolutely not. You can host your website wherever you’d like. This is one of the expenses that you will need to pay for if you own a website, and I’m adding in as added value to the value package to save you money.


I don’t own a domain name, what should I do?

Provide me your desired URL and I can register it for you, under an account created for you. This is your asset, not mine, and you’re free to do with it as you please.

How many revisions do I get?

Three revisions.