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Attention Personal Trainers & Gym Owners

If you don’t have a website that’s bringing in new leads every day

You are losing money!

Let Me Introduce Myself

Before we go any further – I want to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. My name is Mike (that’s a picture of me when I decided to get into summer shape). I reside in Vancouver, Canada. I’m a former ACSM personal trainer with a passion for strength training and body building. I’ve been lifting weights for over 11 years, with no intention of slowing down.

I loved training clients, but my real passion is web development. So I made the switch.


A Need for Budget Web Design that Delivers Results

My passion is doing web development. I have built websites for clients in a variety of industries and after doing some research I realized there was a gap in web development for personal trainers. There are DIY sites that are relatively inexpensive (this can work for some people, but often you leave a lot on the table), or there are really expensive solutions that claim to be all encompassing (I won’t call out names but you’ll see them if you do some research). Basically, there was nothing great in the middle. My goal is to provide a visually appealing website, that caters to your market (proper SEO), without breaking the bank. My goal is to deliver value. Keep reading and I’ll explain how I can do that for you.

Think of your Website as your Salesman

One of the most effective effective tools for lead/client generation is your website. It gives people in your surrounding area the means to find out who you are, what you do, your certifications, and everything they could possibly want to know in order to make the decision to come train with you. Think of your website as your salesman, working 24/7/365 helping you to build your business.

Built with Purpose

A trainer’s website is essentially his own personal sales and marketing team working 24/7/365. This asset is built with a purpose and designed to help you accomplish your goals; for example, generate new leads, sell your merchandise, provide a portal for online interaction with your clients or disseminate and share your knowledge and passion of training.

Fitness Website Design – It’s about Value

Me building a website for you and you training your clients have one key thing in common – delivering value. It’s not how much you pay, it’s the value that you receive. For example, front loading a client with sessions may look expensive up front – but saving them time, reducing their learning curve and the potential for injury is often far more valuable.

I build websites that provide the most long term value.

How much does it cost? View the personal training website design pricing.


Our websites are powered by the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This content management system powers over 26% of the web, so believe me when I tell you you’re in good hands. Other companies will boast about having their own unique CMS – this is fine and well… but why reinvent the wheel? The reason companies do this is because they try and angle it as a competitive advantage. Here’s the position many of them take: “we have our own proprietary content management system… which means we’re going to charge you a lot of money.”

Why stick to WordPress over a company’s proprietary CMS:

  • Thoroughly debugged
  • Well supported
  • Light weight and versatile (designed for SEO)
  • Continually updated
  • Massive repository of plugins to help accomplish your business needs
  • Updates and future changes often don’t require heavy, time consuming and expensive coding

Premium Themes

There are thousands of themes available for the WordPress platform with new ones coming out each day. We provide a premium paid theme that has lifetime updates and would normally cost you $100 to buy it on your own. Using our premium theme means you don’t have to worry about an annual cost to keep the theme updated or worry about the theme being unsupported like you would a free template.

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Maintaining a website can be really difficult… or really easy – depending on how you build the site. I build your website so that in the future, you can log in and make changes if you want to. Our premium theme comes with a drag-and-drop builder that’s as easy as it gets.
If you have a content strategy in place; for example, you want to put up a weekly workout or challenge, all you have to do is log into the back-end and with just a few clicks you can copy and paste your workout into a blog post and have it live in minutes.

Own Your Website

Trainers… if you’re exploring other web development and design options you’ll quickly find out that if you use their service – you don’t actually own your own website. This is crazy. If you read the fine print you will find out that they often:

  • require a large monthly maintenance fee
  • have a certain number of minimum months before you can move to another company
  • actually have ownership of your domain and content so if you want to cancel or move – you’re screwed.

This is crazy and a money grab. Let’s be real. There’s no need for it. With my service you always own your own domain. And you’re never trapped. The only thing you should be paying monthly for is your hosting/domain (this is actually included in our Value Package) and any ongoing marketing and promotion work being done like citation building or link building to help your search engine prominence.

Long story short: I build great websites at a reasonable price, that you actually own. Hard to argue with that.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Web Design

Search engine optimization is the design and implementation of a website that is clear and concise providing your target audience exactly what they’re looking for.

If I type in “Personal trainer Seattle” into Google, the page that displays the results is called the search engine results page (SERP). Ideally you want to be on the first page, preferably in a top spot. These top spots get the bulk of the traffic.

I design your website to maximize the chance of you getting to the front page. This is done by ensuring:

  • I use the best, premium theme for your site (well written code)
  • Your website is designed to be lightweight and load quickly (improved user experience)
  • Proper keyword research is done and meta data is filled out so you’re reaching the proper audience (it’s compelling and makes people want to click)
  • Your business is registered with Google (you’re found in the right search engine. sorry Duck Duck Go)


Knowing people are getting to your site is great. Knowing how they got there is valuable. I install Google Analaytics and Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) so you have complete access to all of your data. Discover what pages people are landing on, what keywords they used to get to your website and more.

This data acts as a tool for you to know where to focus your future efforts. For example, you may uncover a trend that shows you people are looking for “outdoor bootcamps” in your area. If this is a service you do or would like to offer, you open yourself up to a new source of clients who are looking for outdoor bootcamps in your area. These business insights are data driven and actionable, thanks to Analytics and Search Console.

Integrated with Social

Social Media is a critical tool for personal trainers. It provides a channel to communicate with your clients and prospects. In order to maximize conversions I will create a two way connection, linking your new website with your social media properties and vice versa.

If you don’t have existing social media accounts and want them, I will create them for you. Posting yours or your clients progress photos, or sharing a workout video can be a great way to build exposure for your brand.

If you’re not on the major platforms right now, spend the next week asking, or even send your current clients a text and find out where they’re spending there time. This will give you an indication of where you should be putting your effort.

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